“Change the world through education by helping universities and companies increase their international competitiveness by acting with integrity and honesty”.


“Bring the best technologies and innovations to higher education institutions in Ibero-America to enhance progress, increase student success, and access to education in alignment with the Education 2030 Global Agenda”.


Connecting Iberoamerica since its foundation bases its strategy and operation on two main pillars:

  • Research:
    • The technologies and innovations that Connecting Iberoamerica brings to the region aim to improve progress and access to education in accordance with the 2030 Global Education Agenda;
    • It’s for this reason that research is carried out on information technologies, internationalization, quality, academic success and the latest trends, to deepen these topics in higher education institutions in Ibero-America;
    • The results of the research are published in academic journals, online journals, and blogs, as well as presented at international conferences, to give greater international visibility to Ibero-America and to contribute this knowledge to the world's higher education community.
  • Consulting:
    • Given a wide range of solutions and technologies in the market, Connecting Iberoamerica seeks to be the strategic partner of higher education institutions to help them select the technologies and strategies that adapt to their local, regional and international needs;
    • Consulting services are provided to support universities to achieve their main strategic objectives and face the digital transformation challenges;
    • Connecting Iberoamerica has an international network of consultants specialized in the topics of information technology, internationalization, student success, and learning ecosystem in higher education.